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Effektive Zeitmanagement-Tipps für eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung

Effektive Zeitmanagement-Tipps für eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung Ein Vorteil der Achtsamkeit, der von Fachleuten oft übersehen wird, ist das Zeitmanagement. Wenn ...
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Effective Time Management Tips For A Successful Event

Image Source One benefit of mindfulness that can often be overlooked by professionals is time management. Being mindful and ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Supply Chain Attacks

Image source As the pandemic compelled businesses toward cloud adoption, remote work, and rapid digital transformation, cyberattacks have also been ...
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3 Warning Signs That You’re Heading for Burnout at Work

If you're finding the demands of your job challenging, you may be experiencing burnout. It is not a medical condition, ...
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Timeqube AI – Automated notetaking and group dynamics analysis for remote teams

Online meetings have become an integral part of the way that many teams collaborate, especially as more and more people ...
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How To Use IT Infrastructure to Fuel Employee Well-Being

image source: unsplash.com Employee well-being is essential to the success of any organization, but it's also a challenge for many ...
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5 Ways Employers Can Support the Well-being of Remote Workers

Remote work provides great benefits for both employees and organizations. It helps improve productivity, establishes diversity in the workplace, reduces ...
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Can Natural Nootropics Really Promote Mindfulness by Calming Your Thoughts?

The jarring side effect profile of conventional anti-anxiety drugs like alprazolam and chlordiazepoxide have caused a rise in public interest ...
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8 Remote Office Games That Improve Teamwork

Source With remote and hybrid work environments now commonplace, virtual team building is one of the best ways to get ...
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Creating a Mindful Routine for Better Sleep

If you’re the type of person who relies on routines to thrive, why not implement one for your bedtime? Typically, ...
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Man in search of new job

Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Why do people quit their jobs? Is it them or the workplace? In most cases, it’s both. Surprisingly, almost three ...
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Cultivate mindfulness at your home: stress-reduction for all of the family

Mindfulness isn’t a new concept, but it hasn’t been mainstream in the west in recent years. There are many definitions ...
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3 benefits of mindfulness therapy

Therapy is an incredibly useful tool to help you live a better life. And mindfulness therapy is a new niche ...
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5 mindfulness exercises for athletes

Mindfulness is known for its endless use cases, and an interesting one that’s rarely explored is its usefulness in sports ...
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8 Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Business

It makes good business sense to ensure gender diversity in any workplace, not just because it is a laudable goal ...
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5 ways mindfulness can benefit your business

2022 is the year of mindfulness. Everyone’s looking to become more mindful to improve their lifestyles. But people tend to ...
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3 tips to use social media mindfully

Everyone uses social media today — from your boss on LinkedIn to your kids on TikTok. But social media is ...
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3 mindful workouts for 2022

Almost 60% of people have fitness as their top New Years' resolution — but why not combine your goal of ...
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5 ways to start 2022 mindfully

The new year is here! There’s no better time to introduce mindfulness into your life. So here are 5 ways ...
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3 ways you can set mindful New Years’ resolutions

The new year is right around the corner — and a new year means new resolutions. Here are 3 ways ...
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How to eat mindfully this Christmas (3 tips)

Christmas time is the season of celebration! And while that means a lot of relaxation and family time, it also ...
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How to overcome holiday stress: 3 mindfulness tips

The holidays are coming around! And while that’s usually a cause for celebration — the holiday season does come with ...
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3 ways to use mindfulness correctly

Mindfulness is becoming more popular than ever — but this doesn’t mean that everyone is using it the right way ...
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Debunking the 3 biggest mindfulness myths

Mindfulness has become such a popular concept, with celebrities, politicians, and all sorts of influencers championing its benefits. But more ...
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3 Ways to Fight Burnout with Mindfulness

The end of the year is rolling around and while that means Christmas holidays are just around the corner, it ...
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3 ways to fight seasonal depression with mindfulness

Winter is coming! And while that means snow and winter fun for the first couple of weeks, it also means ...
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3 reasons why you should monotask

We’re always talking about multitasking and how it messes with your productivity, but have you heard of its better half? ...
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3 Reasons to Care About Mindful Communication

Mindfulness is becoming more popular than ever — but have you heard of mindful communication? Today, we’ll explore 3 reasons ...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Company Mindfulness

As a business leader, you have plenty of responsibilities to juggle — whether it’s managing budgets, heading new projects, or ...
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Top 3 Mindfulness Activities for Families

Mindfulness is now more popular than ever — but most mindfulness guides focus on individual activities. Yet, as the saying ...
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3 mindful activities to do in nature

We’ve spent almost a year being cooped up at home, which is why we can’t blame people when they shun ...
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How mindfulness can make you more optimistic

Being optimistic can be a challenge in the 21st century. There are so many distractions, so much bad news on ...
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Mindful alternatives to therapy

Therapy is an incredibly effective tool to help you take charge of your mental health. But unfortunately, therapy isn’t accessible ...
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Effective Communication During Therapy

Therapy is the process of healing through communication. But communication isn’t the easiest thing to do. That’s why effective communication ...
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Top mindful activities for couples

Being in a relationship is all about learning to grow together. That's precisely why more couples than ever are looking ...
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Mindful meditation to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in the US and is prevalent around the world. While many ...
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Mindfulness tips for college students

There’s a huge misconception that mindfulness is meant for stressed working adults or zen yoga moms. But in reality, mindfulness ...
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virtual therapy

Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Therapy

People tend to have mixed feelings about virtual therapy. Some people assume that it’ll be awkward and ineffective - but ...
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Navigating Online Therapy

Due to the pandemic, more people than ever are interested in online therapy. But it can be weird to navigate ...
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Working Through Anxiety to Increase Productivity

Deadlines and critical projects can be highly motivating for a lot of people. However, for those with anxiety, racing thoughts, ...
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3 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health This Fall

While the concept of mental health has existed for a long time, it’s become even more popular recently with the ...
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3 Tips to Avoid Productivity Guilt

2021 seems to be the year of productivity. You see, during the pandemic, our lives changed with a load of ...
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Sleep Mantras To Improve Your Mental Health Before Bed

If your mental health interferes with your ability to get a restful sleep, you’re not alone. According to the Anxiety ...
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How To Naturally Relieve Work Stress And Stay Productive

The modern lifestyle makes you prone to stressful episodes and mental health issues. Amongst all the people struggling with mental ...
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Working From Home Tips With Attention Seeking Dogs

For the working class, taking care of the pet was an uphill task. One had to train the pets to ...
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3 Tips to Fight Burnout

May is coming around — and besides welcoming the season of summer, May also means burnout is running hot at ...
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3 Ways To Track Your Productivity At Work

We're always looking for new ways to become productive and hopping on new productivity techniques. But are your little habits ...
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Top Remote Work Stressors & How to Avoid Them

While working from home may sound like a piece of cake, most remote workers would probably say otherwise. Remote work ...
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How to have a productive conversation

It's now easier than ever to throw your voice into the world and engage people in conversations. But there are ...
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5 Ways You Can Be Less Stressed and More Productive

Productivity and stress are highly correlated — and as they say, trouble comes in twos! You're more likely to be ...
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Change up your office space to improve productivity

Facing a productivity rut? Your office space might be the issue. In this article, we'll walk you through how to ...
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Why do you need diversity on the team?

Diversity is a mega buzzword at the workplace — but why do you need diversity on your team? Let's dive ...
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Meditation for better leadership

People tend to associate better leadership with external sources — like going for a leadership course or learning from a ...
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Boost your productivity with the Bright Method

Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique, Zen to Done Rule, and Rule of Three? Are none of these working for ...
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Improving productivity with a good night’s sleep

One of the most overlooked productivity methods is getting a good night's sleep. Improving your productivity with sleep requires more ...
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How To Make Sure You Aren’t Taking Work Stress Home With You

Back before the COVID-19 pandemic turned remote working from an occasional (and optional) perk to an everyday standard, workers had ...
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How to stay productive when you have a new pet

Getting a new furry friend is all fun and games until work comes knocking. Pets might be cute but they ...
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Does waking up early really make you more productive?

There are so many productivity gurus out there who encourage you to wake up early. Some people even wake up ...
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Getting the Most of Your Time During a Doctor’s Visit

Do you ever leave your doctor’s appointment feeling like you missed out on getting questions answered? Do you ever feel ...
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Top productivity tips for moms

Being a mom is a full-time job — and just like any other job out there, it requires a high ...
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Why Successful Mindfulness Is About More Than Accepting Meditation

Why Successful Mindfulness Is About More Than Accepting Meditation Mindfulness is a complicated subject. Many of us struggle to differentiate ...
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Productivity tips for entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat- you’ve got ideas to scale, teams to manage, and bills to pay. You’re ...
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Improving your productivity by bullet journaling

Improving your productivity can be a real challenge. Everyone tells you it’s all about planning — but that’s really not ...
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Best productivity software 2021

2021 is here and chances are, you’re already back to work! Why not start your working year off on the ...
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Starting 2021 the right way!

New year new you? That's what we all say! How should you go about starting 2021 the right way? Read ...
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How to make productive New Years Resolutions

2020 is almost over, and I'm sure that's a relief for most of us. But a new year comes with ...
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How to be more productive in 5 minutes

It's the holiday season—which means that you should be spending more time with family and less time at work. How ...
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Productivity myths: does working more make you more productive?

We're living in an era where people prize workaholism—for all the wrong reasons. Does working more actually make you more ...
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Remote work tips: cybersecurity edition

Working from home has come with plenty of emotional and productivity-related challenges. But what about the struggle of protecting your ...
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Overcoming leadership challenges while working from home

Being a leader requires a world of skill, courage and perseverance. On top of this, being a leader in the ...
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work from home mindfulness during the holidays season

Work from home mindfulness during the holiday season

Here at Timeqube, we've covered plenty of work from home tips in our previous articles, but working from home during ...
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How to make working from home fun

When we talk about working from home, we're often caught up with productivity. But what about having fun? This article ...
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5 tips to increase productivity of your remote team

2020 has surprised us with the sudden switch to remote work. Yet as much as 30% of all workforce will ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Rule of 3 Productivity Technique

October is almost here! What have you done with your time this year? If your answer is "not much", then ...
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Mindful Mondays: Mindful Parenting

Being a parent requires a world of skill — here's how mindful parenting can make your life easier, while improving ...
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Remote Wednesdays: The Two-Minute Rule

We’re always looking for new ways to help you be more productive, faster. That’s exactly where the two-minute rule, a ...
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Celebrating Mindfulness Day with these tips

In commemoration of Mindfulness Day (12 September), we've cobbled together our favourite mindfulness techniques so far — from classics like ...
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Helping your kids with remote school this fall

Being a teen and going to school is already tough as it is, but now, there's the added stress of ...
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Mindful Mondays: Best mindfulness tips from Barack Obama

Mindfulness is no easy practice, which is why you should learn from the absolute best. That’s why this week, we’ve ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Using Time Batching to improve your productivity

Do you find your productivity dropping as the year wears on? Use Time Batching to give yourself that productivity boost ...
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Weeks of Mindfulness: Daily mindful exercises for an entire month

Whether it's been a stressful week, month, or year for you, there's no harm in pursuing a long-term mindfulness routine ...
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Keeping everyone engaged during remote conferences

Keeping everyone engaged during remote conferences is no easy task. Limited involvement, a lack of a shared environment and the ...
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Mindful Mondays: Your guide to movement meditation

Meditation comes in all shapes and forms, which is why it's loved by so many. Today, we'll explore one of ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Timeqube Online for teachers

If you thought hosting a meeting over Zoom was tough, try teaching a class of teenagers over video conference. While ...
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Mindful Mondays: Exploring transcendental meditation

Millennials love meditation, which is why we see tonnes of photos tagging mindful meditation, yoga and focused meditation. But what ...
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Productivity for teens

There are plenty of things we'd like to tell our 18-year old selves, and being productive often ranks highly on ...
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Mindful Mondays: Using Timeqube for Online Therapy Sessions

Being thrown into the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat. From spending your days working from home to ...
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Remote Meeting Tips with Timeqube Online

Working remotely comes with a world of new experiences. How should you navigate this unfamiliar territory while keeping your professionalism? ...
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Time Management Tips for People with ADHD

Individuals with ADHD often struggle to complete everyday activities on time. Small distractions often get in the way, and the ...
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Mindful Mondays: Yoga and Productivity

Yoga is widely known as a mindfulness tool used to improve your mood, boost clarity and strengthen your emotional health ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Zoom Etiquette 101

Let’s face it, web conferencing is the new normal. While we’ve had years to perfect the art of meeting etiquette, ...
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Mindful Mondays: Mindful Eating & How It Works

There are plenty of things you can do mindfully - meditate, walk and even eat. But what exactly is mindful ...
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meeting timer online voice

Introducing: Timeqube Online

Teams around the world have video-conferenced more in the past few months than they have their entire careers. Taking meetings, ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Productivity hacks from self-made billionaires

If you’re trying to boost your productivity, why not get inspired by productivity gurus themselves? We’ve curated a list of ...
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1-minute mindfulness exercises

Mindful Mondays: 1-minute mindfulness exercises

Too busy for mindfulness? That's not an acceptable excuse, especially with the range of 1-minute mindfulness exercises available. Learn more ...
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Remote Wednesdays: 5 Productivity Hacks for July 2020

July can be a tough month for productivity. We've just passed the middle of the year, a draining and exhausting ...
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Remote Wednesdays: The Getting Things Done technique

Have trouble managing your tasks and creating an effective to-do list? You might want to give the Getting Things Done ...
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The Pomodoro Technique

Feeling a little sluggish lately? Try spicing up your routine with a new productivity method: The Pomodoro Technique. This guide ...
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Mindful Mondays: Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation sounds way more foreign than it actually is. It's a traditional mindful exercise that helps you incorporate balance ...
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Remote Wednesdays: The Zen To Done Productivity Rule

Have you ever had a goal you wanted to fulfil but never quite got around to achieving it? That's where ...
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Mindful Mondays: The Basics of Yoga Meditation

Yoga is now widely associated with workout classes, athleisure and brunch, but few appreciate the practice's mindful roots. In fact, ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Productivity Tips From Tech Titans

What does Jeff Bezos have to say about productivity? Does Elon Musk have a secret tip to efficient work? Today's ...
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Mindful Mondays: Your Guide To Focused Meditation

Focused meditation is both a mindfulness and productivity tool. It's become especially popular as people working from home have strived ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Your go-to guide for timeboxing

Timeboxing is a popular productivity technique that helps you manage your time by segregating it into timed intervals. It's a ...
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Mindful Mondays: Mindfulness tips for returning to work

Most of us have gotten used to the work from home lifestyle, which could make returning to work a difficult ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Best productivity tools for working from home

Working from home is no easy task, but that's where essential productivity tools come into the picture. Here are our ...
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Mindful Mondays: Meditation with your pets

Ever seen cute Instagram pictures of people meditating with their pets? Pet meditation seems like a fun activity that entertains ...
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Remote Wednedays: WFH Productivity Myths

With most of the world working from home, there’s been a rise of misconceptions about WFH productivity. From the “benefits” ...
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Mindful Mondays: 3 tips for practising mindfulness while working from home

Work is stressful enough as it is, but working from home can be a whole other ball game. This sudden ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Why are some people better at WFH than others?

Working from home is no easy feat. Children get rowdy, you can’t focus while in pyjamas and your bed is ...
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Mindful Mondays: A basic guide to meditation walks

Meditation doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, high-effort process. That’s why people love walking meditation, a type of meditation that ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Marie Kondo’s productivity tips for working from home

Need some tips to get productive while working from home? Why not take some inspiration from productivity and wellness guru ...
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Mindful Mondays: Creating a meditation space at home

Meditation isn’t all that difficult, but finding a distraction-free zone to meditate could be a big problem! Our homes are ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Tips to avoid WFH burnout

For the majority of the working population, this period has been a weird transition to working from home. In fact, ...
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Mindful Mondays: Mental wellbeing and self-care

Living through a pandemic isn’t easy. There are endless worries, huge lifestyle changes and a complete toppling of our work-life ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Fragrances and Productivity

We’ve explored the relationship between office snacks and productivity, but what about another important human sense? Our sense of smell ...
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Mindful Mondays: Everything you need to know about digital wellness

We’re undeniably living in the golden age of wellness. Yoga has never been more popular, wellness tools are on the ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Creating a productive workspace

Working from home is all fun and games until you realise it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pyjamas, with ...
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Mindful Mondays: Practising mindfulness with your kids

As families all over the world work and study from home together, we’ve seen a bonding opportunity for families like ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Keeping your team engaged while working from home

Keeping your team engaged across years of working together is challenging at work, let alone when everyone’s home! Your team ...
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Mindful Mondays: Mindfulness exercises for leaders during uncertain times

Many of us focus on the impact the current pandemic has on employees all around the world. But what about ...
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Introducing: The Timeqube Home Office Edition

Millions of people around the world are working from home today — and chances are, you’re one of them. Afternoons ...
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Mindful Mondays: Which meditation type is for you?

Meditation has been the mindfulness star of the 21st century, but especially so now. During stressful times, meditation holds the ...
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Remote Wednesdays: Productivity tips for working from home

I’m sure we’ve all worked from home before, but working from home for an extended time period can affect productivity ...
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Mindful Mondays: How to battle your coronavirus anxiety

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life, but it is undoubtedly challenging to deal with. Facing drastic changes to your ...
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Timeqube Mind Edition: Being Approachable

Being approachable is an incredibly important life skill. It defines your interactions with others — whether in professional or social ...
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Could Veganism save our planet?

Veganism has taken the world by storm, becoming a popular diet as climate awareness heightens. Although well-intentioned, this diet is ...
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Top 3 Productivity Myths of 2020

Everyone wants to be productive but in our never-ending quest for workplace efficiency, we’ve started pursuing techniques that are more ...
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Mindful Mondays: How to cultivate mindful habits

Mindful habits are a challenge to cultivate, let alone any habit at all! It takes hours of time and commitment ...
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Timeqube Mind Edition: Intuition for Psychotherapists

Intuition plays a key role in our lives — from deciding which route to the office will have less traffic, ...
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Eco Events Your Team Can Celebrate

Being eco-friendly is worthy of celebration, so why not celebrate as an office-wide team? Here’s a list of the most ...
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Productivity Music Playlists: Do They Work?

With the rise of music apps, we’ve never had a better soundtrack to our lives. Platforms like Spotify offer genres ...
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Timeqube Mind Edition: The Importance Of Taking Breaks

We’re always so focused on working hard, enhancing productivity and pushing ourselves to our limits. Rarely do you hear about ...
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How To Be A Sustainable Consumer

We’ve talked plenty about sustainability in the office, but environmental awareness doesn’t stop once you clock out! Being a sustainable ...
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The Best Time Management Tips For Work

Time management is a tricky thing — everyone wants to master it, but it’s always easier said than done. That’s ...
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Mindful Mondays: The Science Behind Meditation

Meditation is a popular mindfulness practice of the 21st century. It's even been adopted by industry leaders, from Steve Jobs ...
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Timeqube Mind Edition: Active Listening for Therapists

Being a good listener is important, but especially for therapists. Active listening defines client-therapist relationships as it affects trust, transparency ...
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How to Organize Eco-Friendly Office Events

Discussion about greener offices tends to center on altering day-to-day habits. Although changing up certain workplace practices can yield results, ...
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Office Snacks and Productivity

In our quest to understand the intricacies of productivity at work, we’ve looked at note-taking techniques, team-bonding activities, productivity solutions, ...
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Team-Building Exercises That Increase Office Productivity

Team-building activities at work are seriously underestimated. We associate them with “having fun”, but they actually have significant benefits — ...
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Our Favourite Environmentally-Friendly CSR Initiatives

Our environment is undeniably in decline. Bushfires in Australia are raging, heat waves were disastrous in India last year, and ...
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Mindful Mondays: Steve Jobs’s Go-To Mindfulness Exercises

We have this misconception that mindfulness at work is an eccentric, minority effort. Yet, some of the biggest names across ...
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5 Bad Habits That Ruin Client-Therapist Relationships

The relationship between clients and therapists is one-of-a-kind: it requires a deep level of intimacy, yet a strong wall of ...
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Workplace Productivity Tips that Actually Work

Productivity at work is one of the most coveted skills of the 21st century. Yet, tried and tested workplace productivity ...
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Customer Interview: Adam – Business Trainer and Coach

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF My name is Adam Gieniusz. I work at my own business. I’m a coach ...
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Mindful Mondays: Reducing Workplace Stress with Breathing Exercises

Reducing workplace stress seems to be a global obsession— and with good reason! Considering that we spend almost 90,000 hours ...
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Best Tips For Note-Taking At Meetings

Meetings often set you up for failure. Instead of note-taking at meetings, you spend more time thinking about how conference ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Mindful Leadership

Being a leader is tough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Practicing mindful leadership is the perfect way ...
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Building Client-Therapist Trust Through Color

New clients can be difficult to work with, especially in terms of creating an organic emotional connection. Such a connection ...
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Mindful Meetings: Personality Types & Effective Collaboration At Work

We’ve all witnessed messy meetings. Split decisions, misinterpreted actions, and lost objectives hinder effective collaboration at work. In some cases, ...
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Office Plants and Workplace Productivity

When we talk about workplace productivity, chances are we’ve got the usual suspects in mind: techniques to boost efficiency (e.g ...
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Productive Meetings: Near-Extinct in the 21st Century?

There’s one fact that transcends cultures and industries: people hate meetings. But how exactly did this avenue for collaboration, creativity, ...
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Is a Sustainable Office worth the effort?

That’s a trick question. Creating a sustainable office doesn’t actually require much effort —  just the right attitude.  What exactly ...
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Best Tips For Practicing Mindfulness At Work (No Yoga Pants Required)

With our shift towards self-care and better work-life balance, it’s only natural that mindfulness has taken the world by storm ...
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Customer Interview : Timeqube Mind in Psychotherapy

My second interviewee this week - Lisa runs her psychotherapy practice and was one of the first customers to get ...
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Customer Interview: Suddenly our meetings end earlier than planned

I had a privilege to talk to one of our returning customers - Thomas from Uniqa Slovakia. Here's the questions ...
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How much are you spending on meetings? We can tell.

Each time you get behind closed doors for a meeting with your workers, a lot of money is usually expended ...
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Timeboxing – not an option anymore

Timeboxing is a time management strategy that helps you stay focused and maximise your time. It's a great way to ...
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5 home uses of Timeqube you might have never thought of

The existence of timers dates back to the year 1926 when Thomas Norman Hicks invented the first kitchen timer. Its ...
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workplace health

Burnout – the self care you need to avoid it

In 1974, a researcher named Herbert Freudenberger conducted a research on human behaviour in the workplace. During his research, he ...
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effective business meeting

5 Things To Remember About Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are used to determine lot of things about a firm/company. We make our major decisions at meetings, most of ...
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What type of meeting should you call?

You are right when you say, "I hate meetings" because you are not the only person in that category. A ...
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The Need For Mindful Products In The Era Of Battle For User’s Attention

The human brain is naturally designed to be distracted. It is very easy to establish this fact. Biologically, we are ...
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In A Fast-Paced Workplace, Mindfulness Is A Must

  Today’s workplace is more demanding than ever. Business competitiveness changes and becomes tedious every day. Loads of projects, and ...
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timeqube mind therapy timer

Timeqube – Reinventing the Therapy Timer

World Struggles With Depression And Anxiety We are living in psychologically demanding times. In both work and personal life, we ...
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Don’t just lead meetings, Facilitate them!

Meetings are one of the things an organization cannot do without. Although everyone in a meeting may come with ...
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Using timers for personal productivity

The use of timers for personal productivity can make a huge difference in the kind of results you get, ...
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Buy Timequbes, Plant Trees, Save Time for Earth

At Timeqube (And being Milennials ourselves) we need businesses to have a social impact. Climate Crisis seems to be a ...
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Breaking Bad – a short story of breaks at work

Always on communications, multiple meetings and a constant inflow of new “high priority” initiatives make the modern workplace a real ...
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The Science behind Timeqube and How Vision Works

You might think a glowing cube is a new, fancy and cool way to show time. It surely is, but ...
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The State of Meetings 2019

Meetings are in the DNA of almost every business on the planet. We meet to share information, brainstorm ideas, solve ...
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The Evolution of Hourglass – Why is Timeqube better?

I sometimes get this question and I just love answering it. “I can use an app, hourglass or an egg-timer ...
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Die Geschichte von Timeqube

Ende 2018 Der erste glückliche Kunde bekommt seinen Timeqube.
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5 simple steps towards more effective meetings

The mechanics of meetings seem to be so simple that almost everyone thinks they got it right. Unfortunately, a lot ...
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Fighting cancer together

It's really clear that the most precious resource all have is time
- Steve Jobs At Timeqube, having a share in ...
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Obrazkowa Historia Timeqube’a

Koniec roku 2018 Jakub - pierwszy zadowolony klient odbiera swojego Timeqube'a. Ten konretny nazwaliśmy Moonlight. Listopad ...
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The Story of Timeqube in pictures

End of Year 2018 First happy customer gets their Timeqube.

Why emotional intelligence is important in your workplace

In the modern workplace, as we interact with people from all over the world we are slowly starting to see ...
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Save up to 20% meeting costs with Timeqube

Businesses worldwide are drowning in unproductive meetings.  It is estimated that no less than 70%  of all 85 million meetings ...
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Why are meetings boring? Observations from behind the scenes.

In this article you'll learn:
  1. We often kill people's attention with bad PowerPoint presentations
  2. Disguised in false professionalism we ...
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6 Meeting Productivity Tips for 2018

Business Meetings are your best bet when you need to get team members closer together but also - to tap ...
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Why you should keep timeboxing your meetings

Business meetings can be dreadful. Who hasn’t been in a meeting that was ineffective and run out of time leaving ...
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Running Productive Meetings with Timeqube

I spent over 15 years working with different companies across the globe. And my impression is there's much to be ...
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